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Atrice Pharmaceutical India Private Limited is privileged to have Er. Javad Alam Siddiqui, a seasoned network engineering expert and board member, Er. Qumere Alam Siddiqui, a digital marketing guru and head of the digital marketing department, and Ph. Jamshed Alam Ansari, the visionary founder, and owner. Their combined expertise and leadership contribute to the company’s exceptional growth and success in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Ph. Jamshed Alam Ansari

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Atrica Pharma Pharmaceutical India Private Limited, is a distinguished figure and having 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With extensive knowledge and expertise, he has left an indelible mark on the field. His visionary leadership has propelled Atrica Pharmaceutical India Private Limited to prominence, shaping the future of pharmaceuticals and improving global healthcare.

Ph. Jamshed Alam Ansari’s commitment to innovation and quality has made Atrica Pharmaceutical India Private Limited a trusted name in the industry, known for delivering high-quality pharmaceutical products. His dedication to research and development, coupled with a profound sense of responsibility, underscores his unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare. With a legacy of excellence, he continues to inspire the next generation of pharmaceutical professionals, setting a high standard for the industry’s future. In the world of pharmaceuticals, Ph. Jamshed Alam Ansari is a symbol of expertise, innovation, and visionary leadership.

Er. Javad Alam Siddiqui

Er. Javad Alam Siddiqui

Board Member

Network engineering expert with over 14 years of experience in the field. His profound knowledge and expertise have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the industry. Currently serving as a board member of Atrica Pharmaceutical India Private Limited, he brings his wealth of technical and leadership experience to drive innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical sector.

As a board member, Er. Javad Alam Siddiqui plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of Atrica Pharmaceutical India Private Limited. His extensive engineering background, coupled with a commitment to excellence, makes him an invaluable asset to the organization. With a track record of achievement and a vision for the future, Er. Javad Alam Siddiqui continues to be a driving force in the intersection of engineering and the pharmaceutical industry.

Er. Qumere Alam Siddiqui

Er. Qumere Alam Siddiqui

Digital Marketing Expert

Proficient expert in the dynamic field of digital marketing, with nearly three years of dedicated experience under his belt. In his current role as the head of the digital marketing department, he has demonstrated a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape and an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in the industry.

As the head of the digital marketing team, Er. Qumere Alam Siddiqui plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital presence and strategies of the company. His innovative thinking and strategic acumen have led to successful digital marketing campaigns, further solidifying his position as a key driver of the company’s online success. With a vision for the future and a knack for staying ahead of digital trends, Er. Qumere Alam Siddiqui continues to be a leading force in the digital marketing arena.